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Rushdoony on The Virgin Birth And…Property?

Wesley Hurd
Wesley Hurd
Rushdoony on The Virgin Birth And...Property?

During the Advent season leading up to Christmas all Christians have had opportunities to hear and meditate on Mary’s Magnificat found in Luke 1:46b-55. It’s likely that we didn’t meditate on it’s application to ourselves, Christians in relation to God’s commandments and our duty, and most of all the exact nature of God’s victory in Christ here prophesied by Mary. This excerpt from Rushdoony’s work, The Institutes of Biblical Law titled “The Virgin Birth and Property” (VIII.10) is timelessly timely.

An excerpt from the section:

Very obviously, Mary meant that history would see a mighty reversal of things because of her Son's birth. By His strength the vain imaginations of men would be confounded. The Mighty would be dethroned, and the blessed meek of the Lord exalted, the hungry people of God would be filled, and the rich sinners would be cast out to beg. All this would be in fulfillment of the prophesies to patriarchs and prophets that, through the seed of Abraham and David, the Israel of God would possess the whole material earth.